Personal Finance Tips and Resources


Some strategies and tips to keep in mind on your road to financial freedom...

1. You need to commit to a plan, and it may be for a few months to a year.

2. Be willing to change some aspects of your lifestyle –what seems like something minor could contribute to better managing your money and realizing some savings...

  • maybe eat in more and eat out less
  • cut back on entertainment
  • review your cell phone and cable plans
  • turn off lights when you leave the room
  • clean out your attic or basement and have a yard sale
  • consider a ‘staycation’ and visit some local places right in your area that you’ve never visited
  • a jar for spare change!

3. You may need to 'cut those cards'!

4. Create a 'wish list' to keep you motivated.

5. Supplement your income if you can:

  • Have a hobby? Turn it into a part-time job or a way for some extra cash.

6. Consider ‘wants’ vs. ‘needs’ before you buy

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