Budget & Credit Counseling Services

Budget & Credit Assessment

  • Interview clients by telephone or in person to gather financial information.
  • Assess clients’ overall financial situation by reviewing income, assets, debts, expenses, credit reports or other financial information.

Customized Budget Planning

  • Create debt management plans, spending plans or budgets to assist clients to meet financial goals.
  • Calculate clients’ available monthly income to meet obligations.

Credit & Debt Counseling

  • Advise clients or respond to inquiries about financial matters in person or via phone, email, Web site, or Internet chat.
  • Explain services or policies to clients, such as debt management program rules, the advantages and disadvantages of using services, or creditor concession policies.

Personalized Credit Repair Solutions

  • Estimate time for debt repayment given amount of debt, interest rates and available funds.
  • Prioritize client debt repayment to avoid dire consequences, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure or to reduce overall costs such as paying high-interest or short term loans first.

Settlement Negotiations

  • Negotiate with creditors on behalf of clients to arrange for payment adjustments, interest rate reductions, time extensions or to setup payment plans.